Attic Labs develops open source Noms database

Big data

Big data

Attic Labs has announced that it has developed open source Noms database to deliver an experience similar to projects like Git and Camlistone. The San Francisco-based software company has raised $1.8 million in a Series A round to maintain its decentralised database on a long run.

Noms can be replicated and edited concurrently on multiple computers. This feature makes it a unique offering in the world of database systems. Additionally, the database stores structured data instead of text files and is designed to scale to massive data records.

“We think of a forkable, synchronisable database as an important primitive in our increasingly data-centric world,” writes Aaron Boodman, co-founder of Attic Labs, in a blog post. “It can be used to collaborate on large-scale structured data across organizations. It can be used as the basis for any decentralized application. And it can make a very good archive for most sorts of data.”

Boodman previously developed popular Firefox extension Greasemonkey and was a technical lead for Google Chrome. Apart from Boodman’s development skills, Attic Labs has some other top-level management members who worked on open source developments like Chrome OS before releasing Noms.

Some of the primary features that could persuade you to leverage Noms for your next data-related operation include its easy aggregation and transformation of information, synchronisation of large datasets and fork as well as merge of workflow from an existing solution.

Greylock Partners, which previously backed Docker, led the funding round. Investors including Harrison Metal, Naval Ravikant, Linus Upson and Othman Laraki also helped the development of the database.


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