Platform9 Joins Intel’s Open Retail Initiative To Drive Digital Transformation


Platform9, the provider of multi-cloud Kubernetes as a service, joined Intel’s Open Retail Initiative (ORI) and launched a new software-defined store solution. Designed to help retailers accelerate the rollout of store applications and improve digital experiences for consumers, Platform9’s new retail solution enables retailers to centrally manage store IT with a converged infrastructure stack.

Intel’s Open Retail Initiative (ORI) is a collaborative community of organisations using open source projects and vendor-proprietary solutions to drive digital transformation in retail. The ORI’s mission is to enable retail transformation using open source, edge/IoT, and ISV ecosystem applications.

“The ORI’s commitment to open standards and industry collaboration aligns well with Platform9’s vision of delivering open source as a service on any infrastructure and enabling retailers to accelerate their software driven store initiatives,” said John Jamie, VP Marketing at Platform9.

Platform9 launched its software-defined store solution designed to help retailers accelerate the deployment and management of the applications that support store consumer digital experiences. The solution now enables retailers to run a converged infrastructure stack in store – transforming each store into a software-defined mini-cloud.

With the introduction of KubeVirt support (KubeVirt enables VMs to run on Kubernetes), the solution allows retailers to manage both containers and virtual machines with a cloud-native approach. Retailers can also ensure clusters are set up in an identical way across stores with the Platform9 Profile Engine, a new cluster governance and policy management feature. Additionally, retailer DevOps teams are able to leverage CI/CD tooling, APIs, and an app catalog to simplify application management at scale, the company said in a release.


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