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A Comprehensive Guide to Programming in Ruby

This article gives readers Ruby in a nutshell, covering all aspects of how to program in it. Enthusiasts can then get started on it...

DevOps Series Ansible Deployment of Elovation

The Elovation Ruby on Rails application was written by Christos Hrousis. It can be used to track the results of two-player games like chess,...

Fae combines open source power with CMS based on Rails

Fae, a content management system (CMS) developed by San Francisco- and Portland-based digital brand agency FINE, is now open sourced. The CMS engine supports...

Less is More: Exploring the Radiant CMS

Need to build a website or weblog? Just want a simple CMS that makes your life easier? Radiant is for you! In this article,...

Rails Plugins — Making Website Development Easy!

This article is a tutorial on how to use Rails plugins for pagination, authentication and file attachments. It is aimed at readers with a...

Exploring Software — Alternatives to Rails, Django

Zope 3 never picked up because most of the popular projects/products based on the application server never migrated from Zope 2. With "Grok --...