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All You Need to Know About SaltStack

SaltStack or Salt is software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. All networking is planned around remote...

Infrastructure management made easy with Salt Stack

The tremendous success of technologies like virtualisation and cloud computing has made infrastructure management a more challenging task for system administrators. This article introduces...

SUSE, SaltStack now jointly offer enterprise IT automation at scale

SUSE has expanded its partnership with systems management solution provider SaltStack to bring automated management of all data centre resources at massive scale. This...

SaltStack: Grains, Pillars, Targeting and Render Systems

In this third and concluding article in the series on SaltStack, which makes software for configuration management, infrastructure automation and cloud orchestration, we look...

Use Salt for Basic Configuration Management

Salt, the Python-based open source configuration management and remote execution application, can be used to actually do basic configuration management. Let’s find out how This...

Automate Repetitive Tasks with SaltStack

SaltStack is an open source, scalable, flexible systems management software that can be used for data centre automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning and configuration...