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Shell May Consider China For Its Open Source CCUS Joint Venture

In order to determine whether it is feasible to build an open source carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) project in the East China...

Oil Giant Shell Offers Support To LF Energy To Push Open Source...

Community for open source LF Energy's efforts to change how power networks run are progressing at a rapid rate, and the company is now...

Using jq to Consume JSON in the Shell

This article is a tutorial on using jq as a JSON parser and fetching information about the weather from different cities. JSON has become the...

Shell Scripts you will love to use

In this article, I will share a few of my shell scripts which will be helpful in automating repetitive infrastructure task. All Scripts are...

Device Drivers, Part 10: Kernel-Space Debuggers in Linux

This article, which is part of the series on Linux device drivers, talks about kernel-space debugging in Linux. Shweta, back from hospital, was relaxing in...

Exploring Software: Unity, GNOME Shell and the Notification Area

Do the new desktops succeed in creating intuitive, simple-to-use and distraction-free desktop environments? It is hard to be passionate about something that everyone does! I...

Securing Apache, Part 7: Fool-proofing the Server OS

Moving deeper into Web application and Apache security, let's now focus on OS commanding attacks, and those that lead to the disclosure of crucial...

Write Your Next Program on Linux

Quite a few colleges and schools still teach C/C++/Java programming on Windows -- and even worse, on DOS (using Turbo C/C++)! GNU/Linux provides a...

Scripting a Simple Download Scheduler

Here’s how to write a few simple scripts and then schedule them to run at a specified time using the at utility.

Crazy Commands

Let's have some fun with commands.