Oil Giant Shell Offers Support To LF Energy To Push Open Source Power Networks

08/11/2018 - Kraków, Małopolskie / Poland: Shell Gas Station on Aleja Pokoju street

Community for open source LF Energy’s efforts to change how power networks run are progressing at a rapid rate, and the company is now stronger than ever.

To support its efforts to assist in the decarbonization of the global economy, oil giant Shell has partnered with open source nonprofit LF Energy, which focuses on green technology. Microsoft, a major software company that had previously collaborated with the community as a lower-tier General Member, and Shell have both joined the Foundation as top-tier Strategic Members.

As members, the two will be expected to contribute money and materials to help LF Energy develop a coordinated strategy for creating non-differentiating code that will open the door for utility companies, grid operators, and producers of electric vehicles to create technologies to aid the energy sector’s transition to renewable energy sources.

In order to foster a community that could work together and investigate ways to redesign the world’s energy networks, with a focus on virtualization and software-defined components to ease society through the transition from relying on fossil fuels to renewables, LF Energy, which has connections to the Linux Foundation, was specifically established more than five years ago.

The organisation has announced a number of projects that will be added to its portfolio in addition to welcoming new members, some of which aim to make it simpler to measure the carbon intensity of consumed energy and the volume of carbon emissions produced by power systems.

The development of next-generation power system modelling technology is the focus of one of the new projects, which originated at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy before being transferred to the LF Energy community.

“The momentum we have seen in 2022 is nothing short of astounding, with more organisations across energy, technology, academia, government and other sectors coming to realise that the only way to meet decarbonisation goals is to work together to develop the necessary technologies,” said LF Energy founder and executive director Shuli Goodman.

“We welcome all our new members and projects and look forward to working with this growing community on shared technologies to modernise energy infrastructure globally. We will accelerate digital transformation in support of the energy transition, and mitigate some of the worst outcomes of climate change, through this collaborative approach.”


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