Open Source For You crosses 600,000 fans on Facebook


OSFY Facebook page

Open Source For You, Asia’s only open source publication, has expanded its presence on social media by surpassing 600,000 fans on Facebook. Owned by the EFY Group, the publication has both print and online versions.

The Facebook page of Open Source For You offers feature stories, interviews, news and tutorials directly from the website. It also provides electronics and IT updates from other EFY Group properties, including

Announcing this wonderful achievement, Rahul Chopra, editor, Open Source For You, said, “We are honoured to have 600,000 techies connected with us through Facebook. When we first set up the page, we were told that Facebook is only used for personal updates. But, our Facebook communities have proved that it can be a good platform for people to discuss seemingly ‘professional’ issues such as open source, as long as they are passionate about these.”

Stories through the Facebook page of Open Source For You reached more than 450,000 people and received over 120,000 engagements in the 30 days ending on May 20, 2016. Countries from which likes were majorly reported included India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the US.


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