Google, Intel and Mirantis sketch future of OpenStack



OpenStack distributor Mirantis has partnered with Google and Intel to take the cloud platform to next levels. The new partnership is aimed to package OpenStack into Docker containers by leveraging container cluster manager Kubernetes.

Container support is not new for OpenStack. However, the latest collaboration is designed to give users precise control over the placement of services use for the OpenStack control plane. The new development will also provide a “self-healing” like experience on the OpenStack control plane and open new avenues for Kubernetes-powered cloud solutions such as Google Cloud.

“With the emergence of Docker as the standard container image format and Kubernetes as the standard for container orchestration, we are finally seeing continuity in how people approach operations of distributed applications,” said Boris Renski, Mirantis CEO, in a statement. “Combining Kubernetes and Fuel will open OpenStack up to a new delivery model that allows faster consumption of updates, helping customers get to outcomes faster.”

Google is considering that its tie-up with Mirantis and Intel will bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure software and the next-generation of application development.

“Many enterprises will benefit from using containers and sophisticated cluster management as the foundation for resilient, highly scalable infrastructure,” said Craig McLuckie, Google’s senior product manager.

The trio is set to utilise the OpenStack Fuel deployment tool to empower Kubernetes. The tool will reduce the burden of running Docker containers on top-end Linux hardware. Additionally, it will bring Kubernetes into the limelight for various OpenStack developments.

The result of the new announcement is expected to be derived in 2017. Meanwhile, enterprises would start considering private cloud solutions as their next investment areas.


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