Linux kernel 4.6 receives last update


Linux Kernel 4.6

Linux is now leaving the 4.6 series of its kernel and moving forward with the latest build. Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the developers at the Linux Foundation and kernel maintainer, has released the last update for Linux kernel 4.6.

Linux 4.6.7 is the seventh and final maintenance update in the 4.6 series of the kernel. Alongside the last release for the older kernel users, Kroah-Hartman launched Linux 4.7.1 to deliver the latest experience.

“I am announcing the release of the 4.6.7 kernel, ” Kroah-Hartman writes in an email to the Linux community. “All users of the 4.6 kernel series must upgrade. This is the Last 4.6.y kernel to be released. Please move to 4.7.1 now, you have been warned.”

You can continue to use Linux 4.6 on your system, but it is highly recommended to install the latest kernel update. It replaces 63 files on your Linux computer alongside 618 new insertions and 271 deletions. Further, there are bug fixes for architectures such as x86, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM.

The new kernel update additionally brings updated drivers and filesystems to your Linux system and upgrades network connection configurations.

Linux kernel 4.6 was released by Linus Torvalds back in May this year. This version brought support for new ARM mobile chips to enable easy installation of the open source operating system on the latest smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the kernel came with compatibility for USB 3.1 and NFC to deliver advanced experience across a variety of computing devices.


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