Linux 4.8 to get RC8 before its final release on October 2


Linux Kernel 4.8

Linus Torvalds has confirmed the schedule of the final Linux 4.8 for October 2. But before the arrival of the ultimate release, the Linux kernel is expected to receive an eighth release candidate to deliver developers almost a bug-free experience through the new platform version.

“Things did not calm down as much as I would have liked, there are still a few discussions going on, and it is just unlikely that I will feel like it is all good and ready for a final 4.8 next Sunday,” Torvalds wrote while announcing the seventh release candidate.

The RC7 build of Linux kernel 4.8 includes some networking fixes that were absent on its preceding version. Several driver updates are also there, including rdma, nvme and a few pcmcia fixes. Besides, the new RC update includes some architecture fixes and improvements for KVM (kernel-based virtual machine).

Alongside the release of the kernel 4.8, 46-year-old Torvalds has suggested the merge for 4.9. “There is a few features that look to be scheduled for merging up for 4.9 that I am looking forward to, but another week will not hurt,” he stated.

If you do not want to wait for the kernel 4.9 or even the upcoming 4.8, you can download the RC8 on your system and test the features of the next-generation Linux.

The official kernel website is offering Linux 4.8 RC7. It comes bundled with some standard core kernel updates but also includes some bugs. So you might notice a few issues after its installation.


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