Microsoft now lets Linux users send SMS using Skype




Microsoft has expanded its support on Linux platform by releasing a new Skype version. The updated Skype allows Linux users to send SMS right from their chat screen.

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.13 comes with the feature to enable SMS delivery. Users can send and receive text messages using a native SMS technology on the Skype client.

Apart from the SMS support, the updated Skype on Linux supports a remote escalation of any one-on-one voice call to group call. There is also an improved crash reporting system and support for authentication token revocation. Further, the performance of the updated Skype is likely to be uplifted through new Electron shell version (1.4.7).

The official changelog provided the Skype team confirms the presence of various bugfixes and performance improvements. All this, however, does not mean that the latest Skype comes free of bugs. It is still in alpha stage and is likely to go through many updates over time.

You can test how the SMS feature works on your Linux system by downloading Skype Alpha 1.13. The VoIP client comes in both DEB and RPM packages through the official download page.


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