Microsoft plans ‘comprehensibly’ compatible Windows 10 for Linux tools



Months after its first release, Microsoft is now set to transform Windows 10 into a full-fledged platform for Linux developers. The operating system is presently under development to receive some major tweaks to “comprehensibly” support development tools for Linux.

“We are not done yet,” says Rich Turner, senior program manager, Microsoft, in a recent video. “We have a long way to go yet until we can fully say that this thing is really comprehensibly compatible with the majority of the tools that you want to use.”

Turner explained the features of Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and improved Windows Console in the 17-minute-long video. Alongside reviewing the existing developer-centric offerings within Windows 10, the engineer reveals the blueprint of how Microsoft is planning to please open source developers.

Turner emphasises on some of the developments through the latest Windows 10 Insiders’ build that are already bridging the gap between Windows and the open source world. “Fire up a Windows 10 Insiders’ build instance and run your code, run your tools, host your websites on Apache, access your MySQL database from your Java code,” he mentions.

Microsoft has designed the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that provides a complete Linux-like experience on Windows 10. Additionally, the Redmond company that was once ruled by Steve Ballmer, who described open source software as cancer, is now supporting all the popular Linux distributions on its Azure cloud. The recent announcement of Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation even shocked the developer world and highlighted how the Windows maker is loving Linux platform.

Yet to impress community

Despite all these vital developments towards Linux platform, Microsoft has not yet impressed the open source community. A large number of developers still prefer Linux over Windows as a developer-friendly platform.

“I have been doing most of my developments on Windows and deploying on Linux for more than 16 years now. Windows 10 is the first version where I feel out of place doing development. I do not even have control of software updates!” one of the readers commented on Turner’s video.

That being said, Microsoft is actively working on pleasing developers and shifting Windows 10 from just being a proprietary platform to a closest Linux alternative. The latest Windows operating system recently received PowerShell command-line tool. Moreover, the company brought SQL Server to Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux earlier this month to bring some MySQL users to database management solution.


  1. Since the Libertarian ideology started to overrun the Linux community in the 90’s, they deserve to be owned by the Microsoft juggernaut.

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