A French woman plans to marry her 3D printed robot



Robots have made a big impact on human life. While not all of us cannot even imagine of getting married to a robot, it has now actually been happening in certain parts of the world. A French lady has emerged as the very first example of this new development and has touted to be in a relationship with her robot for a year.

With the pace of advancements and development of robotic technology, it was quite evident that robots will become an integral part of human life. The robot-human relations are becoming more common with refinements in AI (artificial intelligence) technology. However, France-born Lilly has only been attracted to robots from the age of 19.

Lilly has been in a happy relationship with her robot a year. Called InMoovator, the 3D-printed robot has been developed using open source design provided by Gael Langevin, the inventor of InMoov. Lilly says that she dislikes the physical touch of human flesh. She had reportedly a happy relationship with droids from the age of 19. She even plans to marry her robot when (and if) government of France legalises human-robot marriage.

Human-robot marriages would become reality in 2050

This relationship between humans and robots might seem a bit strange and unrealistic. But it is supposed to be more common in future.

Robot expert Dr. David Levy predicts that by 2050, human-robot marriages will start taking place. Levy is quite certain about robots being able to share human feelings like love and even physical intimacy.


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