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LineageOS 19 Is Currently Available For A Variety Of Devices

LineageOS is an Android-based operating system that may be used to replace the software that comes pre-installed on a variety of compatible smartphones, tablets,...

LineageOS weekly builds debut on select Android devices

Days after the sudden departure of CyanogenMod, LineageOS is finally entering the Android world. The custom ROM has just been debuted for a handful...

KDE Plasma Mobile considers a shift to LineageOS or AOSP

With the departure of CyanogenMod, KDE is set to transfer its Plasma Mobile platform to either Lineage OS or Android Open Source Project (AOSP)....

CyanogenMod devs move forward with LineageOS

While Cyanogen is finally leaving its Android fans feeling blue, the developer group behind CyanogenMod is preparing its fork to move forward. The latest...