Latest Linux kernel improves support for AMD Radeon graphics


The open source community has received Linux 4.9.2 as the latest kernel. This new Linux version has brought improved support for AMD Radeon graphics and included various performance improvements.

Linux maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman reveals in an email announcement that Linux 4.9.2 includes 141 file updates. Particularly, there are 1,031 insertions and 438 deletions.

The update has added better support for AMD Radeon HD 8000 series. Also, there are tweaks for Nouveau, Intel i915, InfiniBand, DVB, MMC, SCSI, thermal, staging and TTY drivers. The Linux kernel additionally comes with bug fixes for Atheros and Realtek hardware.

You can download Linux 4.9.2 by visiting the Arch Linux and many other Linux distributions are likely to receive the newest update in the coming days.

The fresh Linux kernel emerges just after Kroah-Hartman announced end-of-life-cycle for Linux 4.8 systems. Moreover, the Linux team is seemingly promoting and encouraging its users to opt for the Linux 4.9 series over its predecessors.


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