After software and hardware, furniture is now getting open source essence

open source

open source

You might have read hundreds and thousands of stories about open source hardware or software. But the community power has now influenced Swedish furniture maker IKEA to bring the world’s first “open source” sofa.

IKEA is working on a sofa called Delaktig that can be customised on the basis of room sizes and can perform different functions, starting from clipping on a lamp or side table or even transform into bed, reports the Wall Street Journal. This open source furniture piece is likely to hit stores in early 2018.

With the arrival of Delaktig, IKEA presumes that third-party designers will start creating complementary products. Further, the Netherlands-based company is utilising comments from an online community that includes “hackers” to contribute on various wooden items.

Inspiration by Apple

The planning behind open source Delaktig is reportedly inspired by Apple. But interestingly, the iPhone maker is so far the least contributor to the open source community.

IKEA is also taking design ideas from the automotive industry and is set to build Delaktig as a common, resilient platform that ca be modified over many years.


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