Google Cloud to enhance AI developments through Kaggle community

Google Cloud with Kaggle

Google Cloud with Kaggle

To write the next chapter of cloud computing, Google Cloud has been joined by Kaggle, an online service that presently holds over 800,000 data experts. The new move is aimed to enhance developments around artificial intelligence (AI) by bringing the “most advanced” cloud machine learning environment.

Kaggle is claimed to be the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. It offers search and analysis of public datasets as well as helps data experts build machine learning models. This is what Google requires at the moment to beat Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“We must lower the barriers of entry to AI and make it available to the largest community of developers, users and enterprises, so they can apply it to their own unique needs,” says Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist, Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning division, in a statement. “With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission.”

The Kaggle community has already proved its success in the field of machine learning through some major projects. It brought an algorithm to examine MRIs, experiment to discover the significant of Higgs Boson and an XGBoost model to classify differential category products. Furthermore, the San Francisco, California-based company last year launched an open data platform to receive high-quality data set contributions from the community. All this will somewhere help Google uplift its cloud experience.

Community support for machine learning developments

The deal with Kaggle will also bring Google closer to the machine learning community. This is vital as the search giant already has its TensorFlow framework and some APIs. In last November, a Cloud Machine Learning Group was also established by the Sundar Pichai-led team to make it easy for developers to build solutions around cloud-based machine learning.

Distinct brand with open access

Kaggle CEO Anthony Goldbloom in a blog post revealed that its team would “remain together” and would continue to serve the community as a distinct brand within Google Cloud. “We will continue to grow our competitions and open data platforms, and will remain open to all data scientists, companies, techniques and technologies,” writes Goldbloom.

Recruitment opportunities for data experts

A large number of Kaggle community members have so far been placed in companies such as Walmart and Google-acquired DeepMind. This trend is likely to receive a new force with the acquisition, and Google will now recruit required data experts directly from the Kaggle community.


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