Fedora gets Snap support to deliver automated user experience

Fedora 25


Canonical has expanded the presence of its Snappy offering by bringing official Snap support on Fedora. With the latest development, Fedora 24, 25 and the upcoming 26 will include support for Snap packages.

“As a part of our mission to get Snaps running everywhere, we are pleased to announce that support for snaps has now officially landed in Fedora, starting with Fedora 24 and up,” Canonical’s Technical Writer David Callé writes in a statement.

Snap packages help to make packaging, distribution and updates of applications easy for developers. At the same time, the new technology brings automated process for users and delivers the latest version of installed apps right from upstream.

Fedora is not the only Linux distribution following Canonical’s Ubuntu to support Snaps. In last June, the Ubuntu maker partnered with companies like Dell and Samsung to make the single binary package as the universal Linux package format. That announcement brought Snaps to platforms, including CentOS, Gentoo, Mint, OpenSUSE, OpenWrt and RHEL.

How to install Snaps on Fedora

Installing Snaps on Fedora is quite easy even for novices. You just need to install the Snapd package to begin with the installation. If you are using Fedora 24 on your system, you can start installing Snap packages after enabling the Systemd unit by passing sudo systemctl enable -- now snapd.socket command in the terminal.


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