Microsoft acquires startup that eases container deployments



In the ongoing race against Amazon and Google, Microsoft has acquired Deis — an open source-focused startup that makes container technology “easier to use” for developers and operators. The latest move is a step ahead by the Redmond company in the world of open source and is a part of its strategy to bring containers closer to Azure.

San Francisco, California-based Deis leverages Google-backed Kubernetes to offer developers the ease of using containers for their developments. This is something that would help Microsoft gain more focus from the developer community and expand its enterprise presence.

“Paired with their cloud leadership and unambiguous support for open source software, we are impressed by the breadth, depth and reach of Microsoft to help define, shape and build new cloud-native applications,” said Gabe Monroy, CTO of Deis, in a blog post.

To be paired with existing container portfolio

Microsoft is aiming to use Deis’ technology with its existing container portfolio that includes Linux and Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service. However, the Deis team will continue to provide its contributions to Workflow, Helm and Steward.

“We are excited to bring the Deis team and their technology to Microsoft. I look forward to seeing the impact their contributions will on Azure and the Microsoft developer experience,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president for cloud and enterprise group, Microsoft.

Container as next big thing

Not just due to the new acquisition but Microsoft has a sharp focus towards container technology to expanding its Azure in the market. In November, the software giant announced the open source future for its Azure Container Service and brought Kubernetes integration within Azure.

So far, Azure is supporting most of the popular container orchestration engines including Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesosphere DC/OS. Containers also enable the company to move ahead with open source and cloud computing — the two areas that were enlightened by India-born CEO Satya Nadella.

Deals with small-scale companies like Deis are likely to support the Nadella-led team fulfill its aim. Moreover, these initiatives would make the competition tougher for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, which both are countering Microsoft’s Azure.


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