GNOME Builder 3.24.1 brings live editing of Sphinx documentation

GNOME 3 is here!


The GNOME community has published the first maintenance update to GNOME 3.24 series. The major highlight of GNOME desktop 3.24.1 is the support for live editing of Sphinx documentation.

The new GNOME version also brings Rustfmt support for Rust and floating ref improvements for JSON-RPC. The live editing with Sphinx enables “install” action from command bar. Also, you can now directly install a project without running it in latest GNOME version.

In addition to the live editing support, GNOME 3.24.1 includes and updated Symbol Resolvers that lets you support locating all references to a symbol. You can simply use a Ctrl+Shift+Space key combination to move between the symbols within the editor. Notably, the keyboard shortcuts are supported only in Rust/RLS.

GNOME has also improved the monitor in this release. Additionally, there is an improved search in the Flatpak manifest.

Developers can launch a terminal emulator in Flatpak. You can even use the same feature to find installed plugins in the host system. For editing the code, the latest release comes with an improved Vim mode. But it is supported only for Rust/RLS.

Besides, the updated GNOME has new pipeline stages that let you easily check errors and modify network access from fallback flatpack launcher. You can use flatpak-builder —run command whenever needed for diagnosis.


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