Apache Metron arrives to provide scalable, advanced security analytics



The Apache Software Foundation has announced that its Apache Metron has been graduated from the Apache Metron to a new top-level project. The open source development is designed to offer highly advanced and scalable analytics framework.

Apache Metron offers a set of tools for security monitoring and analytics. Being an extensible platform, the project integrates elements from Apache Hadoop and enables rapid detection and response using machine learning and traditional rules.

The team at the Apache Software Foundation that developed Apache Metron is claimed to be well-aware of major cybersecurity challenges. The engineers believe in leveraging open source and community support to solve the security challenges in an effective manner. Therefore, the Metron project is built as an open source solution to offer a unified platform for aggregating and enriching security related data.

“It is abundantly clear that cybersecurity challenges are becoming a bigger part of our reality,” said Casey Stella, vice president of Apache Metron, in a statement. “Solving them effectively and at scale requires an Open Source, community-oriented approach built upon proven scalable technologies. This is what Metron is about at its core.”

Leverages machine learning and Big Data

The Metron project uses machine learning and Big Data practices to help users detect cyber threats. It is touted to be capable of detecting threats in application-specific environments like email service providers and even Internet of Things (IoT).

The Apache Software Foundation has leveraged Apache Storm, Apache HBase and Apache Kafka to build the Metron as a mechanism to capture, store and normalize any type of security. Furthermore, Telstra, the largest telecom and ISP provider in Australia, is already using the latest development for its security operations centres.

Apache Mentor was initiated in 2014 as OpenSOC. It was later submitted to Apache Incubator in December 2015, and the first public release of Apache Metron happened in April 2016.


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