Fuchsia to be independent to Android, says Google’s Dave Burke

Fuchsia independent to Android


While there has been suspense around the new open source operating system codenamed Fuchsia OS, Google is now formally confirming its distinction with Android. At I/O 2017 developer conference in Mountain View, Android’s Dave Burke shared some piece of information about the latest development.

“Fuchsia is an early-stage experimental project,” said Burke, who is a vice president of engineering for Android. The executive also forecasted it to be “pivot and morph” in Google’s portfolio. “Like lots of early stage projects, it is going to probably pivot and morph. There are some really smart people on it, people we have worked with who are great,” he added.

Not a replacement

Initial reports had suggested Fuchsia as an upgrade to Android and Chrome OS. However, when asked about the unified move, Burke explicitly said that the platform would exist as an “independent” project.

“It is definitely a different sort of independent project to Android. And yeah, that is basically it,” the Googler responded.

Fuchsia emerged as a new open source development by Google back in August last year. Unlike using a kernel code provided by the Linux community, the platform is apparently based on Magenta — a software targets smartphones and personal computers with peripherals to enable open-ended computation.

Earlier this year, the interface powering Fuchsia surfaced online. The operating system is using Armadillo as the default system UI that appears to be based on Google Cards pattern. Furthermore, the search giant is leveraging programming SDK Flutter to ease the development of cross-platform applications.


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