Google unveils Project Treble to simplify Android updates

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The most common complaint of Android users is the inconsistency in software updates. Google is addressing this common issue with its latest development that called Project Treble.

The Android maker gave sneak peek of Project Treble in its developer’s blog. The project is touted to bring the most significant change in Android’s low-level system architecture. This process will lessen the burden on third-party device manufacturers.

Whenever Google pushes a new version of Android in present time, manufacturers take a long time to compile and push the update across their devices. Smartphone makers are required to compile their own implementation with the latest AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version before pushing the update. Likewise, chip manufacturers need to modify the new releases for specific hardware. Network carriers also have to test the release and then the update package is pushed to end users.

Google is separating vendor implementation using the Project Treble to make things easier. The company is set to introduce vendor interface between Android and device implementation to access hardware specific parts of Android. This will enable device manufacturers to push new release without any additional work from chip makers.

“The core concept is to separate the vendor implementation — the device-specific, lower-level software written in large part by the silicon manufacturers — from the Android OS Framework,” writes Iliyan Malchev, Project Treble team lead, in the blog.

Android O to bring the upgrade

The new concept will be a part of the devices that will run Android O out of the box. Google is also helping its partners move code changes directly into AOSP base.

Full documentation of the Project Treble will be published on the site. More details about the development is likely to be emerged at Google’s I/O conference later this week.


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