Google Photos gets AI integration to archive your trivial pictures

Google Photos


Google Photos has been enhanced with an all-new AI-powered upgrade that suggests trivial pictures from your collection to archive. The latest development is a part of the Google Assistant support.

The option to archive unwanted photos from your timeline is indeed important to make your albums clutter-free. But what is more important here is the artificial intelligence (AI) that Google has used to deliver you the next-generation experience.

You might have a mixed collection of your pictures that include various memorable moments alongside some images that you no longer needed. These can be photographs of documents, billboards or posters. The new AI integration within Google Photos detects the difference intelligently, while the Assistant tab helps you bring out the odd ones for the archives.

Google Photos AI archive
Google Photos intelligently archives your trivial pictures

“You can review the suggestions and remove any photos you don’t want archived, and tap to confirm when you are done,” the Google Photos team writes in a Google+ post, explaining the latest feature.

Once archived, you can view those unimportant pictures in the “Archive” tab.

The whole idea behind the upgrade is to help you identify the images and save your efforts. It helps you efficiently clean up your timeline and keep the ones on top that are important for you.

Google has started rolling out the new feature to Android, iOS and desktop versions of the Photos app. Going forward, the machine learning input powering the archiving feature is likely to be available to developers to test its presence across new areas.

In the meantime, you can use Google Photos on your device to experience the intelligence and clear the clutter.


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