Canonical releases Kubernetes 1.7 for Ubuntu users


Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes 1.7

Canonical has announced a new version of its own distribution of Kubernetes 1.7 (CDK) for Ubuntu users. The distro will help Ubuntu users to easily install, configure and manage Kubernetes lifecycle operations.

The latest distribution of pure-upstream Kubernetes is touted to be well-optimised for public clouds, on-premise servers, VMware as well as OpenStack. Also, Ubuntu users can finally use a production-grade method for installing, configuring and managing Kubernetes.

“This is a Canonical distribution of pure-upstream Kubernetes, designed for ease of deployment and operations on public clouds and on-premise on bare metal, VMware or OpenStack,” explains Marco Ceppi, product strategy member at Canonical, in a blog post. “The Canonical distribution of Kubernetes is also easy to spin up on developer laptops using LXD containers for component isolation and distributed system simulation.”

Original features along with custom offerings

Canonical promises to offer robust scaling and upgrade operations for cloud computing through the new Kubernetes distribution. It is claimed to be tested across popular cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Rackspace. Furthermore, the build supports all the features offered in Kubernetes 1.7.

Alongside the original Kubernetes features, there are offerings specific to Ubuntu platform such as symmetric key authentication support for components and users and LXD pure-container hypervisor deployment support. The development team has replaced the self-signed certificate authentication with a token-based authentication for cluster components. There is also a basic authentication for the default cluster admin user.

You can upgrade your Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes 1.6 or 1.5 to the latest version. The Ubuntu maker has provided detailed instructions to ease the upgrade process.


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