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Canonical replaces LightDM login manager on Ubuntu with GNOME’s GDM

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Canonical adds GNOME GDM login screen on Ubuntu

Canonical as replaced the default LightDM login manager on its Ubuntu platform with GDM login manager. The latest change is in line with the recent tweaks that are aiming to bring GNOME to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu users have been provided with the ‘build 20170707.1’ version that brings the fresh login experience. The new build is available for systems running on Ubuntu 17.10.

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Notably, this is not the first move by Canonical. The Ubuntu maker is, in fact, replacing most of the interface components of the open source platform with tools from GNOME. One such major transition was debuted back in June when the existing Unity 7 was replaced with GNOME desktop environment.

How to get back the original experience

In case if you are not comfortable with the new GDM login manager, you can bring back the eye-candy LightDM. You just need to pass the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm in the terminal emulator and then choose your preferred login manager.

Replacement of the default login manager is likely to bring some issues to your system as the LightDM might have some incompatibilities with the GNOME Shell. Nevertheless, you still have the chance to overcome the dull-looking login screen.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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