ActiveRuby debuts with over 40 gems and frameworks


ActiveRuby with gems and frameworks

ActiveState, the open source languages company, has graduated its Ruby release to the first beta version. The commercially supported Ruby distribution is claimed to far better than other available options.

Ruby is actively used by a diverse set of developers around the world. The language is preferred for its complete, simple, extensible and portable nature. ActiveRuby is based on Ruby v2.3.4 and includes over 40 popular gems and frameworks, including Rails and Sinatra. There is also seamless installation and management of Ruby on Windows to reduce configuration time as well as increase developer and IT productivity.

Enterprise developers can adopt the latest Ruby distribution release internally to host web applications. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company claims that ActiveRuby is far more secure and scalable for enterprise needs. The beta release of the language has fixed some issues of gem management to enhance security.

Non-GPL licensed gems on board

The new ActiveRuby version also included non-GPL licensed gems. There are also all major libraries for database connectors including MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Additionally, ActiveRuby beta introduces cloud deployment abilities with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The fresh version also contains all the necessary integrations for AWS.

“For enterprises looking to accelerate innovation without compromising on security, ActiveRuby gives developers the much-needed commercial-grade distribution,” said Jeff Rouse, director of product management, ActiveState, in a statement.

ActiveRuby is currently available only for Windows. The release for Mac and Linux is supported to roll out later in 2017. You can download the beta through the official ActiveState website.


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