Overclock Labs bets on Kubernetes for Cloud Infrastructure Automation


Overclock wants to make it easier for developers to deploy and manage their applications across clouds. To do this, the company is building tools to automate distributed cloud infrastructure and, unsurprisingly, is betting on containers — specifically the Kubernetes container orchestration tools

So far, the company used this previously undisclosed funding round to develop DISCO, which stands for Decentralized Infrastructure for Serverless Computing Operations. To deploy applications with DISCO, developers can choose two routes. If they are building according to the 12-factor app philosophy, then DISCO can deploy the app from simply the source code. Otherwise, they can simply build their own containers and hand them over to DISCO for deployment. The system then handles the container registry and manages the containers for them. 

The company claims that they have used this technology to reduce AWS costs by more than 50 percent for beta testers. It is believed that it can cut costs even more if integrated with the right Cloud Service Providers.    Read more…


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