SUSE Cloud Application integrates Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes


SUSE is helping enterprises speed application delivery. Built on industry-standard open source technologies, SUSE has launched SUSE Cloud Application Platform. This new solution provides enterprises with the most widely adopted container management framework in Kubernetes, uniquely teamed to help application development and operations groups take better advantage of both technologies. All this, accelerates application delivery and increases business agility.

Combining Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies, the platform facilitates DevOps process integration across multiple application delivery models. The platform enables innovation, improve IT responsiveness and maximize return on investment. Now, enterprises can use both the high-productivity Cloud Foundry and high-flexibility Kubernetes application delivery infrastructures.

Other USPs

SUSE Cloud Application Platform simplifies management of Cloud Foundry by leveraging Kubernetes to deploy and manage a containerized version of Cloud Foundry, SUSE Cloud Foundry.

The containerized implementation also consumes a fraction of the memory footprint of other Cloud Foundry distributions and is faster to recover and scale.

It is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

The technology choice and the commercial open source distribution model lower the adoption barrier for Cloud Foundry and bring it closer to a broader range of large and mid-size enterprises.


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