EPAM’s contribution to the world of Open Source recognised


According to InfoWorld, EPAM Systems is ranked #14 in the number of employees that actively contributed to Open Source projects on GitHub. The results showed that EPAM had 585 active contributors to GitHub in 2017. The list was compiled using the GitHub REST API to pull public information from GitHub users with at least 10 commits to public projects last year.

EPAM believes that better software and better communities are only possible when ideas and contributions are shared so everyone benefits. Free and open source projects are the best for it.

EPAM currently has over 1,300 open source contributors and more than 61,000 commits in the public domain, and is committed to the advancement of free and Open source software. EPAM’s employees contribute to a diverse range of open source projects across domains such as big data and embedded as well as key industries, including Life Sciences and Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail.

“The Free and Open Source movement has significantly improved the speed and efficiency of software development through its emphasis on building a community that thrives on experimentation and collaboration,” said Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, chief technologist, Big Data and Open Source Fellow, EPAM.

As a strategy, EPAM regularly sponsors and hosts hackathons for its customers, partners, employees and the technology community at large that accelerate the pace of innovation and encourage open source contribution.   Read more…


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