Amazon is all set to use Alexa in cars first

To beat the competition, is embracing open-source software in the race to get its voice-based Alexa digital assistant into cars. As per the recent reports, Google was aggressive, but now Amazon has entered the race.
Amazon engineers are working with Nuance Communications and Voicebox Technologies. Together they are writing codes that makes in-vehicle apps compatible with several speech-recognition technologies, eliminating the need for developers to make multiple versions.
According to a media report, the software is expected to be ready by June 2018. A working group was set up for the same. They meet once a week, and are working to meet the set timeline.
The cars must use Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), an open-source platform being developed by Toyota and other auto manufacturers and suppliers to underpin all software running in the vehicle. AGL has been growing too, reaching 114 members currently, up from around 90 a year earlier. Amazon signed on last month for it.
Amazon’s goal is to keep people connected seamlessly to Alexa between their homes and cars as it goes head-to-head with Google Assistant. Amazon countered with an agreement to put Alexa in Toyota cars, adding to similar deals with Ford and BMW.
Amazon expects that with Alexa integrated into AGL, the process of building voice experiences is dramatically simplified for developers. It would speed the roll out of voice services into cars.


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