China unveils open-source platform


To boost the development of artificial intelligence (AI), China’s science and technology minister shared that the government has made an open-source platform. It will help China to rapidly expand, allowing the creation of a new breed of AI.

According to the media reports, switching to open source will also aim to make China a world-leader in the field of AI by 2030. Offering AI on open-source platform would help with its scientific development.
Addressing media at the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Wan Gang, the Minister of Science and Technology said, “Open-source platforms are needed because AI can play a bigger role in development and make it easier for entrepreneurs to have access to resources.”
The technology had been an area of development in China since 1980. The minister shared that now the country wants to lead the sector through the national plan – started by President Xi Jinping. The plan involves multiple ministries in order to apply the technology in all fields.
He also highlighted the achievements made in the area in the last few years, such as the development of intelligent vehicles, facial recognition at airports and train stations or some companies developing robots that improve people’s’ quality of life.
Wan also shared that promotion of scientific research and development has been a key Chinese policy, with increased state investment and incentives.
The minister said research gains in China have had a global impact. A plan launched by China last year aims to make the country a leader in the area of AI by 2030 and apply the technology to industry, urban planning, agriculture and defence. The plan aims to boost production of AI-related technology to touch the figure of $22 billion by 2020, rise to $60 billion in 2025, and $147 billion in 2030.


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