Drone.io Announces CI/CD Cloud Service Free for Open Source Projects


The new CI/CD cloud service will support continuous delivery Pipelines on bare metal x86 and 64-bit and 32-bit ARM servers

Drone.io, makers of open-source Drone CI/CD tool, announced a new continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) cloud service – Drone Cloud. The company is making it available for free to open-source projects.

For this, it has tied up with Packet, a provider of Cloud and Edge infrastructure, which would run this service for free on its servers.

Brad Rydzewski, Co-founder, Drone.io said that the company is a container-native CD platform and the goal of Drone.io is to help automate workflow of developers from testing stage to the final release.

Teamed up with Packet for infrastructure support

As part of this approach, the new Drone Cloud offers a publicly hosted offering of CI/CD cloud. The company has teamed up got Packet to provide the required infrastructure for the new solution.

Packet provides a range of server options with varied operating systems and chips. It will make the newest Intel Xeon Scalable, Arm-based servers and AMD EPYC available to the Drone Cloud service users for free as part of its multi-year donation to support the project.

“Packet is offering a considerable multi-year donation to help Drone Cloud and therefore help any open source project with a GitHub repository,” Rydzewski stated in a blog post.

In a statement, Jacob Smith, Co-founder and CMO, Packet, said, “As open source software is deployed to increasingly diverse environments, from traditional data centers to cars and even drones, the need for multi-architecture builds has exploded.”

The new CI/CD cloud service will support CD Pipelines on bare metal x86 and 64-bit and 32-bit ARM servers.

The new Drone Cloud has been introduced by the company just two weeks after the launch of Drone 1.0 release candidate that is available with a revamped user interface (UI) and multi operating system (OS) and architecture support.


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