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Embracing Progressive Delivery In Kubernetes With GitOps

GitOps leverages Git’s strengths to achieve reliable, automated, and consistent infrastructure and application management, making it well-suited for modern DevOps practices and containerised environments...

Testing SaltStack Environment with KitchenSalt, Docker and TestInfra

Have you ever struggled to test SaltStack states or formulas before rolling them out into production, or wondered how to validate SaltStack code changes...

Drone.io Announces CI/CD Cloud Service Free for Open Source Projects

The new CI/CD cloud service will support continuous delivery Pipelines on bare metal x86 and 64-bit and 32-bit ARM servers Drone.io, makers of open-source Drone...

Unit Testing Ansible Code with Molecule and Docker Containers

Molecule is an open source framework that is easy to use for validating and auditing code. It can be easily introduced into the CI-CD...