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Microsoft Buys Pull Panda to Improve Code Review Workflows on GitHub

  • All three Pull Panda tools are now available for free as one GitHub Marketplace application, called Pull Panda.
  • Pull Panda Founder & CEO Abi Noda will join the GitHub team.
  • Pull Panda’s product features to be integrated into Github in future.
  • With this acquisition, Pull Panda will no longer offer the enterprise plan

Microsoft-owned GitHub has acquired Pull Panda, a US-based startup that makes collaboration tools for software teams, for an undisclosed amount.

The company plans to use Pull Panda’s tools to create more efficient and effective code review workflows on GitHub.

The year-and-a-half old Pull Panda helps thousands of software teams work together on code and improve their process by combining three features: Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics and Pull Assigner.

  • Pull Reminders notify developers that a collaborator needs their review.
  • Pull Analytics provides real-time insight into the effectiveness of a team’s process.
  • Pull Assigner automatically distribute code across teams.

All three of these Pull Panda tools are now available for free in the form of a single GitHub Marketplace application called Pull Panda. In future, GitHub plans to integrate these features directly into its code hosting platform.

Pull Panda goes through restructuring as it joins Github

Microsoft is discontinuing Enterprise plan subscriptions but will continue to support existing Enterprise plan customers through its on-premises offering.

All paid subscriptions have been converted to free subscriptions effective June 17.

New users can install Pull Panda for their organizations for free from the company’s website or GitHub Marketplace.

Pull Panda’s founder and creator, Abi Noda, wrote in a blog post, “Joining GitHub will allow our products to be fully integrated and offered to millions more developers around the world. I will be joining the GitHub team to integrate Pull Panda and continue to grow its features as part of the core product.”

Open source repository hosting service, GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in June 2018 for $7.5 billion.

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman took to Twitter to announce the acquisition. He posted:




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