Webiny Raises $348,000 to Build Open-Source CMS


London-based start-up Webiny which is a serverless content management system(CMS) comapany has raised a $348,000 seed round funding from UK investment firm Episode 1. Serverless content management means the developers will not have to be concerned about infrastructure resources and cloud provider will take care of it. 

According to a report by Techcrunch, the company’s founder Sven Al Hamad said that this platform is the first full-feature content management built for a serverless environment. He also added that centralised system is going to be the future of web development. To help the community in advance, the company has built the first serverless content management system and open-sourced it.

Consulting and support services for companies

Hamad further added that the company is concentrating on building a community of users but in the future, it will provide consulting and support services for companies. The cloud provider takes care will take of scaling up or down of infrastructure needs according to requirements. This reduces the need for a large DevOps team to manage the operations side of things. Developers will be able to  concentrate more  on building a good website and not on resources needed to run it said Hamad.


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