Grafana Labs Gets $24 Million Funding for Its Data Analytics Stack


Grafana Labs has received a $24 million Series A funding for its open source-based data analytics stack. Grafana Labs is the commercial arm of its open-source projects.

Grafana Labs has received a $24 million Series A funding. The funding saw participation from Lead Edge Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners with the latter taking the lead. It has received this funding for its  open source-based data analytics stack

The CEO and co-founder of Grafana Labs, Raj Dutt said that initially the start-up offered a business layer on top of the open-source Grafana tool but now it has expanded to other projects. It supports projects like open-source monitoring tool Loki among others.

Grafana Labs is the commercial arm of its open-source projects. It offers Grafana Enterprise, a package that includes enterprise-focused data connectors, enhanced authentication and security and enterprise-class support on top of what the open-source Grafana tool offers.

Dutt added, “Grafana has always been about connecting data together no matter where it lives, whether it’s in a proprietary database or cloud database. There are over 42 data sources that Grafana connects together.”

$4 million in external investment

Dutt further mentions that the start-up took $4 million in external investment in the first five years and has built the business with 100 employees and 500 customers. He also claims that the company’s products have been able to get unified to give a single offering which would be the world’s first composable open-source observability platform for metrics, logs and traces.


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