HashiCorp Boundary 0.7 and Boundary Desktop 1.4 Released with Dynamic Host Catalogs


HashiCorp has released version 0.7 and Desktop 1.4 of its Boundary open-source project. The new features include dynamic host catalogs, plugin support (currently for internal use only), managed groups and resource filtering in the admin console.

The dynamic host catalog provides identity-based secure remote access for dynamic infrastructure. This release of Boundary includes the ability to dynamically connect any service registry (currently supported for Azure and AWS) so that hosts and host catalogs are up-to-date.

This critical workflow offers access-on-demand and eliminates the need to manually configure targets for dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure. The ability to dynamically update host catalogs for connecting to targets is an important differentiator from traditional access methods that rely on manual configurations.

Boundary 0.7 introduces the ability to create and manage managed groups via Boundary’s administrator console. This is in addition to existing CLI and HashiCorp Terraform support for managed groups. To learn more about OIDC authentication methods and creating OIDC managed groups, see these two Boundary Learn guides: OIDC Authentication and Managing OIDC IdP Groups.

In addition to managed group UI enhancements, Boundary’s admin console now supports resource filtering for sessions and auth methods, and Boundary Desktop supports resource filtering for sessions.



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