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Imply Polaris Wins The Cloud Awards’ Best Open Source Cloud Solution Award


Imply receives industry recognition for its cloud database service’s quick client uptake; this distinction, along with Apache Druid’s 2022 Best Analytics Database award.

Imply, the business established by the original developers of Apache Druid, announced today that Imply Polaris won the Best Open Source Cloud Solution honour at the recent The Cloud Awards, a global competition for cloud computing. Polaris offers the easiest developer experience for creating real-time analytics apps as a cloud database solution for Apache Druid.

The leading real-time analytics database Apache Druid, which is used by developers at thousands of companies including Confluent, Netflix, Target, and Salesforce to power real-time analytics applications, now has a true database-as-a-service offering in the form of Imply Polaris, which was unveiled in March 2022.

When serving sub-second queries on terabytes to petabytes of streaming and batch data at hundreds to thousands of queries per second, developers select Apache Druid. However, developers use Imply Polaris as their Druid deployment option because it offers a service that reduces time to market, boosts developer productivity, and lowers Druid operating costs in general.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award,” stated FJ Yang, CEO and co-founder of Imply. “It’s extra special to us because this award is about open source and cloud — the two things that drive what we do for our customers every day. We believe developers want open source technology, and they want to consume it as cloud services. That’s why we built Imply Polaris for Apache Druid, and that’s why we’re so proud today.”

“A key design requirement for Polaris has been that it stays true to the Apache Druid codebase while providing developers an abstraction of the underlying mechanics,” said Gabriel Tavridis, VP of Product of Imply. “This award is pretty exciting because it represents everything our engineering team has worked so hard on to deliver to the open source community.”



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