RTX Remix Open Source Runtime Gets Released By Nvidia On GitHub


Soon, RTX Remix creation toolkit will be made available in early access.

RTX Remix was first unveiled by Nvidia in September. The platform is intended to greatly simplify the process for modders who want to update DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games with cutting-edge technology like path tracing, DLSS, user-generated assets, and AI-enhanced textures.

The runtime source code for RTX Remix is available on GitHub under an MIT licence for those who want to play with it. Developers and modders are urged by Nvidia to report any flaws they may encounter. Additionally, a number of the Remix engineering team’s members have joined the RTX Remix Discord server to respond to inquiries and offer compatibility recommendations.

To assist newbies in getting started, Nvidia has even released a few starter manuals and relevant documentation. The following elements are included in the runtime:

  • Modules for USD capture and replacement, which are in charge of recording a game scene to USD and substituting modified game assets for the original game assets at runtime.
  • Bridge, which converts the renderer’s x86 instructions to x64 instructions. This part releases any memory restrictions on the rendering memory.
  • The scene manager creates a replica of the original scene, tracks game objects from frame to frame, and sets up the scene for path tracing using data from the D3D9 fixed function API.
  • The main path tracer, which consists of the rendering loop, material handling, and rendering elements unique to each game (such decals and particles). Please be aware that the numerous technologies (DLSS, NRD, RTXDI) that speed up our route tracer and allow it to render in real time will still be accessible via their current licences and SDKs via the Nvidia Developer portal.

To showcase Remix’s capabilities, Nvidia collaborated with Valve on a version of Portal. When Portal RTX was released in December, it didn’t take long for the community to realise that its files might be used to improve the appearance of other games like Half-Life 2 and Max Payne.


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