Commencement Of Wukong-Huahua AI Fine-Tuning Competition

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The Wukong-Huahua Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fine-Tuning and Application Competition, organised by the open-source MindSpore Community, is currently accepting participants. This global AI competition boasts a generous prize pool of 50,000 RMB and will continue until October 18th. It welcomes AI developers from around the world to join in. To partake, participants must either fine-tune the Wukong-Huahua model (as outlined below) for crafting Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content (AIGC) or conceive applications rooted in the model. This competition has been devised to inspire the creativity of science fiction enthusiasts and emerging AIGC developers, encouraging them to harness AI’s potential in shaping their science fiction realms.

The foundation model is a diffusion-based model designed for generating images from Chinese text. This model results from collaborative efforts from three Huawei teams: Noah’s Ark Laboratory, the Central Software Institute’s distributed parallel lab, and the Ascend Computing Domain. Leveraging the synergy of the MindSpore AI framework and Ascend Atlas hardware, this model has undergone rigorous training using the Wukong Dataset, which happens to be the largest multi-modal, Chinese-language, open-source dataset available. The model excels in converting Chinese text into high-quality images spanning various scenes and artistic styles, promising an exceptional user experience.

Participants can engage in either fine-tuning or application competitions centred around the foundation model. Victorious contenders will not only claim prizes and certificates. They will also be extended an invitation to the company’s forthcoming science fiction forum set to take place in Chengdu, China, later this year. The competition’s overarching theme revolves around “Science Fiction and Creativity,” encompassing three distinctive sub-themes:

(1) “The Symbiosis Era,” 

(2) “Science Fiction China,” 

(3) “Extracts from your favourite science fiction works.” 

The created works or applications must align with one of the three specified sub-themes.  Huawei’s Director of Operations for the MindSpore Community, Hu Xiaoman, expressed, “MindSpore stands as an open, efficient, and adaptable AI framework that warmly embraces developers. Since its open-source debut in 2020, the MindSpore Community has welcomed over 1.98 million developers. Beyond our commitment to advancing technological innovation, our dedicated MindSpore team actively fosters a culture of continuous learning within the community. By organising this competition, we aim to draw more developers into the community’s fold and collectively drive the growth of the domestic AI framework.”

 MindSpore represents a cutting-edge open-source AI framework that spans device, edge, and cloud environments. Its primary objective is to elevate the AI ecosystem by forging innovative AI programming paradigms, reducing the barriers for developers, and constructing an agile and adaptable AI framework that simplifies the development process. Since its inception in 2022, the MindSpore Foundation Model Platform has been the venue for over 10 MindSpore Community competitions encompassing AI image classification, text classification, style transfer, AIGC, and other domains. These competitions have already served as outstanding platforms, allowing more than 900 AI developers to exhibit their prowess and expertise.


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