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Fujitsu And Linux Foundation Unleash AI Initiatives At Open Source Summit Europe 2023


Step into the future in automated machine learning and AI fairness at the Open Source Summit Europe 2023 with projects designed to shape the next frontier in AI technology. 

Fujitsu Limited, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, has recently unveiled their latest ventures in automated machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) fairness technologies as open source software (OSS), setting the stage for the upcoming “Open Source Summit Europe 2023”, which will be held in Bilbao, Spain from September 19 to 21, 2023. These initiatives will allow users to access tools that facilitate the automated creation of code for new machine-learning models and tackle the issue of underlying biases in training data. The company has given the green light to the inception of two projects: “SapientML” and “Intersectional Fairness”. These endeavours aim to foster a global platform where developers can explore, innovate, and expand the horizons of AI and machine learning technologies. 

Advancing Equity and Efficiency in AI

AI is swiftly becoming a dominant technology, crucial in solving various societal and industrial problems. AI’s widespread growth and enhancement are contingent upon creating a platform where engineers worldwide can freely share AI technologies, forming an essential base.

SapientML is centred on crafting Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) technology capable of generating code that facilitates the swift construction of machine learning models utilising tabular data. This innovation grants data scientists the ability to develop precise and decipherable AI models promptly. Leveraging this advancement, data scientists can immediately construct highly precise models and optimise them for enhanced efficiency using the generated code, thereby making the process of model development more efficient and streamlined. 

The Intersectional Fairness initiative tackles the challenge of achieving equity in AI, directing its efforts towards identifying and lessening biases that might not be immediately noticeable. It commits to fighting discrimination directed at specific groups from biased training data. At the forefront of this initiative is the aspiration to develop an AI fairness technology proficient in recognising and alleviating “intersectional biases.” These biases manifest when various characteristics, including age, gender, and nationality, intertwine in intricate manners, frequently being disregarded in AI systems.

Global AI Innovation

In its continued efforts, the company has been channelling its resources into the provision of automated machine learning and AI fairness technologies, complemented by an array of AI technologies and GUIs( graphical user interfaces). Through these initiatives, the organisation strives to democratise AI further, envisioning a world where developers globally can effortlessly and securely leverage cutting-edge technologies on open platforms, fostering the creation of novel applications and pioneering solutions to the pressing issues businesses and society face today. Releasing AI technologies such as OSS facilitates unprecedented innovation across various sectors by reducing entry barriers. This move is expected to accelerate AI’s growth and global acceptance greatly.



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