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An Open Letter to Maryana Iskander

Without a doubt, the Wikipedia is at the top of the most successful of the open, sharable, crowdsourced initiatives that emerged on the online...

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Stability AI Picks AWS As Its Go-To Cloud Provider

Open source artificial intelligence startup develops fundamental models Utilizing Amazon SageMaker on AWS results in a 58% increase in speed and cost effectiveness. The open...

Thought Leaders

Gerald Venzl, senior director, product management, Oracle Corporation

“I Wish The Industry Would Not Follow This Ever Increasing Hype Cycle For New...

While new technologies can lead to innovations, hype often goes with the territory. Gerald Venzl, senior director, product management at Oracle Corporation speaks with...
Nilesh Vaghela, AWS community hero and founder, ElectroMech Corporation

“It’s time to contribute to open source”

Nilesh Vaghela is an AWS community hero and founder, ElectroMech Corporation, a cloud and open source company. According to him, contributing to open source...

“The future is SaaS plus open source”

Jina AI provides cloud-native neural search solutions powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. The company says its neural search framework called Jina empowers anyone to...

Is DevRel a Role For You?

Are you a developer who loves to build relationships with developer communities? Are you looking for a transition from a coding role to one...
Martin Callinan, founder and director of Source Code Control Limited

“Risk minimisation while dealing with open source and cloud software is our main goal”

UK-headquartered Source Code Control Limited provides services ranging from open source software risk management to bespoke cloud transformation recommendations. It has just set up...


How Blockchains can Transform Enterprises

Blockchains have been around for some time now, but have not been used to their full potential yet. Let’s take a look at the...

IT Admins

Using KNIME to Understand the Impact of Covid 19

KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is free, open source software being used in data science. It makes understanding data, and designing data science workflows and...

Open Journey

OCP Tool By Magic Eden To Soon Require NFT Creator Royalties

The Metaplex SPL token norm for Solana-based NFTs is expanded upon by the OCP. The current Ethereum toolset from OpenSea and Magic Eden's OCP...

This Free Tool Called CI Fuzz CLI Checks Java Programs For Odd Behaviours

The CI Fuzz CLI includes ready-to-use connectors for Maven, Gradle, and Bazel. Developers can even run fuzz tests straight from their IDEs with the...

Open Source VNC Server KasmVNC v1 Is Now Available

With Web-Native, Agentless, 4K, 60+ FPS, and Lossless Streaming Capability, Kasm Technologies Releases KasmVNC v1 Open Source VNC Server. The open source images for...

FreeTube, An Open Source Private YouTube Client

A desktop version for YouTube called FreeTube offers more features than the original. Additionally, it respects privacy. Keep in mind that it is still...

Stability AI Picks AWS As Its Go-To Cloud Provider

Open source artificial intelligence startup develops fundamental models Utilizing Amazon SageMaker on AWS results in a 58% increase in speed and cost effectiveness. The open...

The Board Room

IceTeaGroup Releases Open Source Tools For Building Modern Web Applications

The Wisej.NET platform now supports a number of new open-source integrations from Washington, D.C.-based IceTeaGroup LLC, a supplier of.NET cloud migrations. The new technologies...


Elixir: Made for Building Scalable Applications

Each programming language has its own strong points. Choosing the optimal option is the most important factor in building successful software applications. Elixir is...

Eclipse in Action

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Search file and create backup according to creation or modification date

Computer users often have a problem with file search as they tend to forget the location or path of a file even though Windows...
Database Programming

Database Programming in Python

For database programming, the Python DB API is a widely used module that provides a database application programming interface.

A Guide to Using Raw Sockets

In this tutorial, let us take a look at how raw sockets can be used to receive data packets and send those packets to...
Grep me out!

A Beginner’s Guide To Grep: Basics And Regular Expressions

Grep is one among the system administrator's "Swiss Army knife" set of tools, and is extremely useful to search for strings and patterns in...

The Top Open Source Hypervisor Technologies

A hypervisor monitors the creation and running of virtual machines. It allows a large number of machines with different operating systems to run on...


Open Source Platforms You Can Use for AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are being used in various domains and have many useful applications today, apart from gaming. A few useful open...

How Tos

Owkin To Soon Open Source Its AI Learning Software

Life sciences AI specialist Owkin is taking another step toward de-siloing drug development data just a few months after revealing the findings of a...