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Make Your Home Smart with FOSS and IoT Devices

Home sweet home – there’s nothing like it! Our homes can be made smarter using the Internet of Things (IoT) — a system in...

Can Data Scientists be Replaced by Automation?

The advent of AI, automation and smart bots triggers the question: Is it possible that data scientists will become redundant in the future? Are...

Open Source Automation Tools to Make Your Home Smart

In a smart home, the controlled objects are typically connected to a hub, which may be a wall-mounted unit, a tablet or even a...

Fujitsu Demonstrates Confidence in Open Source Technology

Fujitsu is working within the Orange domain of the demonstration, where it has collaborated with Amdocs to enable Layer 2 (Ethernet) closed-loop dynamic bandwidth...

Selenium: A cost-saving test automation tool for web applications

Selenium is a software testing framework. Test authors can write tests in it without learning a test scripting language. It automates Web based applications...

Automate Repetitive Tasks with SaltStack

SaltStack is an open source, scalable, flexible systems management software that can be used for data centre automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning and configuration...