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Top 10 Open Source Databases

A humongous amount of data is being generated across the globe each day, thanks to technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence....

Apache CouchDB can now scale from big data to mobile

The Apache Software Foundation has announced a new version of Apache CouchDB. The version two of Apache CouchDB is the first NoSQL database to...

Interfacing CouchDB with Python

Apache CouchDB is a database that is focused on ease of use. It can be interfaced with the versatile Python programming language, as shown...

Relax with Apache CouchDB

  Traditional relational databases are not designed to cope with the varying agility and scaling requirements of modern day applications; nor can they be made...

Leverage Your Programming Skills with Erlang!

The Erlang programming language is used to build massive scalable real-time software systems that require high availability. Some of its uses are in telecom,...

NewSQL — The New Way to Handle Big Data

Big data, big data, big data! This term has been dominating information management for a while, leading to enhancements in systems, primarily databases, to...