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Installing and Using MariaDB on Ubuntu

MariaDB is a popular database server today, primarily because of its good performance and compatibility with MySQL. This article gives a short tutorial on...

MariaDB and MySQL: Which One Should You Use?

MariaDB and MySQL have been rising in popularity. Both offer various benefits of their own, and it might be hard to pick one over...

Percona Platform Unifies Open Source Databases, Supports Private Database-as-a-Service Deployments

Percona, an open source database software and services provider, today announced Percona Platform to bring together database distributions, support expertise, services, management and automated...

Using Docker to Experiment with Postgres and MySQL

Whether you are a student or a professional, as long as you are in the field of Web development, you’ll always have to manage...

Using Apache Xampp and PHP on Windows

Apache Xampp is an open source tool used for running PHP or PERL Web applications locally using a Web server. It is available for...

MindsDB Announces integrations With Open Source Relational Databases PostgreSQL And MySQL

MindsDB brings machine learning to those who work with data to allow users to create and deploy ML models using standard SQL queries...

A Comprehensive Look at Opensource Database Security Concerns

In the computer age, data is wealth, but when stored in databases it is prone to various kinds of vulnerabilities like SQL injections, abuse...

InnoDB and MyISAM: How to Choose Between These Storage Engines

Storage engines are the underlying software components of MySQL databases. They handle the SQL operations on various tables in the database. InnoDB and MyISAM...

Install WordPress from Scratch on a Server Using LEMP

This article provides an overview of WordPress. It also includes an in-depth tutorial on the installation of Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM, as well as...

Database Programming in Python

For database programming, the Python DB API is a widely used module that provides a database application programming interface.