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RethinkDB: A NoSQL Database for Real-Time Applications

Faster than conventional databases, RethinkDB works in real-time. This open source, distributed and document-oriented database is designed to store JSON documents in an operable...

Group Micro-blogging Using WordPress

To all the Net savvy social animals out there with a Twitter, Facebook, G+ and a whole lot of StumbleUpon accounts, here is a...

Kerala State Electricity Board Saves a Whopping Rs 8 Crore, Using...

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) switched to open source solutions only a few years back, and now, not only manages the accounting and billing...

Getting Started with RTLinux

This article deals with installing RTLinux, and creating a sample real-time module that can be loaded in it. An operating system is responsible for managing,...

Addressing the Linux Talent Shortfall

Over the last few years, Linux has proved its worth in every vertical imaginable. Yet, corporate India is caught in a bind with Linux-conversant talent being virtually unavailable. Shenoy Systems has stepped in to speed up the process of getting talent industry-ready, especially in the embedded systems arena.