Linux Game Review: Nexuiz


Nexuiz LogoIf you have played Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, or any of their various free mods/clones, then you already have a good idea of what to expect from Nexuiz. Like all those games before it, Nexuiz is simple, dumb fun. Turn the game on and within twenty seconds you  will be fragging people hundreds of miles away. Sure, this may not be the most suitable game for those who want a more involving story than just “You fragged Nutsack02,” but it’s perfect for just about everyone else.

The community surrounding the game is not enormous, but the five hundred thousand plus downloads ensure that the servers will always be well stocked when you are ready to play. A small collection of North American clans has started to emerge, and the map makers always manage to keep a steady collection of maps flowing into the community.

Genre: MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game)


When playing this game, words like “regular,” “normal,” and “standard” kept creeping into my head. One word that did not pop up, however, was “mediocre.” What it set out to do it does very well, and the familiar experience has been polished to a shine.

Nexuiz Screenshot

All the weapons we have come to expect from past games like the rocket launcher, rail gun, laser, etc. are in attendance, but they are very well balanced. The maps are also generally standard affairs, but amidst the recycled Quake maps you will find some truly fun and unique maps that you can only get on Nexuiz.



When it comes to visuals, Nexuiz seems to have something for everyone, as the lowest settings will easily run on very modest computers, while the highest settings make for a very nice lights show. These niceties do not compare to the visuals of their modern commercial counterparts, although most are willing to forgive this since the game is entirely free and is based on a modified version of the Quake 1 engine (which came out in the mid-nineties).


The sound effects really help immerse the player in the action, and can be a ton of help during intense 1v1 battles. However, the music is weak, derivative techno that you will surely switch off in favor of your own tunes, or just the sound effects.

Our Verdict: 8/10




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