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Find Over 1,000 Open Source Games Available For Free To Play

The existence of a strong open source gaming community may surprise gamers. These games may be played on a potato and are compatible with...

Blockchain Technology can Revolutionise the Gaming Industry

The techies in the gaming industry have always been the early adopters of technology and right now, they are excited about blockchains – now...

DevOps Series Ansible Deployment of Elovation

The Elovation Ruby on Rails application was written by Christos Hrousis. It can be used to track the results of two-player games like chess,...

Microsoft to Open Source Minecraft-based AI Platform

Microsoft plans to open source its AI platform which is based on Minecraft. Microsoft will be open-sourcing a platform that is being used by researchers...

Get Started with Pygame

Gaming has become a major field in the computing world. It is the favourite entertainment for many users, but a challenging job for developers,...

Some Open Source Gaming Platforms and Games You Should Check Out!

A common misconception is that gaming and open source never seem to gel. Linux users are generally desktop publishers and programmers but hardly ever...

5 Tools to Develop AAA Games

Take a look at five specific open source tools that are used frequently in many AAA titles.

RAGE: A FPS Game by id Software

Rage is an upcoming first-person shooter and racing video game in development by id Software. It will use the company's new id Tech 5 engine. The game was announced on August 2, 2007 at QuakeCon.

Linux Game Review: Pingus

It has been scientifically proven that breaks at regular intervals increase productivity and there could be no better game (other than Desktop Towers Defense) other than Pingus to fit into that bracket. What more, Pingus is so addictive that it definitely manages to keep you rooted to your seat, scenario after scenario.

Linux Game Review: Extreme Tux Racer

After a hard day at work, you decide to relax and play a nice game on your Linux system. As you don't want anything too complex that could require a lot of attention, you decide to find a game that's simple and fun to play. That's when you decide to have some fun with Tux, sliding him down the mountains, catching fish, and performing tricks. Enter Extreme Tux Racer!