Trireme adds production-scale security to Kubernetes


Kubernetes security

With the massive adoption of containers, security has emerged as a vital concern. However, software startup Aporeto is on the move to secure your Kubernetes-orchestrated applications.

“Trireme’s simple and robust approach to production-scale security makes it ideal for Kubernetes deployed, cloud-native applications,” said Aparna Sinha, senior product manager, Kubernetes.

Trireme enables development teams to set up security policies at scale and develop segment applications along with end-to-end authentication and authorisation. Clients do not have to opt for any network isolations. Instead, there is just need to deploy Trireme on the cloud-native applications.

“There is no need for complex control planes or IP/port-centric ACLs and east-west firewalls. This simple, scalable and secure approach makes it possible to segment cloud-native applications effortlessly, efficiently and effectively,” Aporeto co-founder Amir Sharif, in a blog post.

Why Kubernetes exclusive?

Although Trireme is capable of working on any application orchestration framework, the Aporeto team has opted exclusively for Kubernetes at the initial stage. Sharif reveals that the reasons behind the exclusivity include the advanced design of Google’s framework as well as its growing community and flexible network policy. All this helps in enabling a secure solution for applications.

Developers can access the official GitHub repository for Trireme to access its code and deployment information. The San Jose, California-based company is also seeking for feedback from the developer community to improve the initial version.Q


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